Develop Your Talent with Hands-Free Control of Online Video Lessons, Digital Audio Workstations, and Streaming Music!

  • Designed for All Ages and Stages

    The Elmore Pedal enhances the musical experience for all musicians, regardless of age or skill level.

  • Easy to Use

    Experience the transformative power of The Elmore Pedal, crafted with care to ensure seamless learning and continuous growth.

  • Compatibile

    Enjoy seamless compatibility with PC, Mac, iPad, and iPhone when using the Elmore Pedal.

What is the Elmore Pedal?

The Elmore Pedal allows musical instrument learners to keep their hands on their instrument 100% of the time during their online lessons enhancing focus on muscle memory and speeding up time to success. No more reaching for your mouse. 

Control your online videos with a tap of the toe. Simply connect your Elmore Pedal via Bluetooth to your iPad, iPhone, PC or Mac, visit any one of our supported learning sites and get your practice on!