Elmore Modes: Learn. Record. Jam.

Now, in addition to the Elmore Pedal's acclaimed functionality with web-based music lesson sites, the Elmore Pedal opens doors to seamless control over Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs) and Streaming Music Platforms.

With the new capabilities of the Elmore Pedal, musicians can effortlessly harness the full potential of their favorite DAWs. The Elmore Pedal places the power at your feet, giving you intuitive control over essential aspects of your recording process.

    • GarageBand (MacOS)
    • LogicPro (MacOS)
    • GuitarPro (MacOS)
    • Forscore (MacOS)
    • ProTools Ultimate (MacOS)
    • MuseScore (MasOS)

With the integration of Streaming Music Platforms, you can now unleash your creativity to a global audience like never before. Seamlessly control song playback and switch between songs, without ever taking your hands off your instrument. 
    • Spotify (MacOS)
    • Apple Music (MacOS)


Ready to Switch Modes? 

Step1: Put your Elmore Pedal in Wi-Fi mode.

Placing your Elmore Pedal in Wi-Fi connection mode allows your computer or phone to connect to the pedal via Wi-Fi.  Once connected via Wi-Fi, you can check your pedal firmware version and configure up to three operating modes of your preference.

  • Your Elmore must be disconnected from all Bluetooth devices first. 
  • When disconnected, your light emblem will remain blinking blue.

Step 2: Connect to the Elmore network via web browser

  • Enter this into your browser while making sure your light emblem is purple:
  • Elmore Network Password: 0123456789

 You will land on this page:

 Step 3: Choose your "Elmore Modes" configuration.

  1. Configure the Elmore Modes of your preference.

Step 4: Toggle between "Modes" configured on your Elmore Pedal.

  • Toggle between "Elmore Modes" to determine which platform you'd like to control with your pedal. 
Enjoy your handsfree experience with the Elmore Pedal!

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