ArtistWorks and Elmore Pedal Company Join Forces to Revolutionize Music Education

ArtistWorks and Elmore Pedal Company Join Forces to Revolutionize Music Education

ArtistWorks, a leading online music education platform, and Elmore Pedals are excited to announce their strategic partnership aimed at revolutionizing music education.

This groundbreaking collaboration brings together the expertise and passion of two industry leaders, leveraging their respective strengths to create an unparalleled learning experience for musicians worldwide.

ArtistWorks is known for its highly acclaimed online music lessons, offering personalized instruction from world-renowned instructors. However, they recognized the need to enhance the learning experience by integrating cutting-edge gear innovation. That's where Elmore Pedals comes in. With their commitment to empowering musicians and their revolutionary Elmore Pedal, they provide the perfect solution to elevate the learning journey.

Elmore Pedals, driven by their mission to create more musicians in the world, understands the frustrations and limitations of traditional in-person instruction and online music lessons. They have developed an affordable and easy-to-use foot pedal that allows musicians to keep their hands on their instruments during online lessons. This innovative solution eliminates interruptions, speeds up learning, and increases the joy of practicing music.

Under this partnership, ArtistWorks will integrate Elmore Pedals' groundbreaking foot pedal directly into their online lesson platform. This integration will enable students to enhance their learning experience. With the Elmore Pedal, musicians can focus on their instrument and maintain muscle memory while accessing the vast library of lessons provided by ArtistWorks.

James Levin, Founder and CEO of Elmore Pedals, said, "We are excited to join forces with ArtistWorks, a true pioneer in online music education. By integrating our pedals into their platform, we can provide musicians of all levels with an immersive learning experience that merges education and gear innovation. Together, we will inspire and empower musicians to push the boundaries of their craft."

The partnership between ArtistWorks and Elmore Pedals is set to redefine the landscape of online music education and gear integration. Through their shared vision and dedication to empowering musicians, they aim to create a holistic experience that fosters learning, creativity, and collaboration.


About ArtistWorks:
ArtistWorks is the leading online music education platform that provides personalized music lessons taught by world-renowned instructors. With a library of over 50,000 lessons across a wide range of instruments and genres, ArtistWorks offers a comprehensive and immersive learning experience for musicians of all skill levels. Through its unique Video Exchange® platform, students can receive direct feedback from their instructors, creating a personalized and interactive learning environment.

About Elmore Pedal Company:
The Elmore Pedal Company is dedicated to empowering musicians through innovative solutions that enhance the learning process. By enabling musicians to keep their hands on their instruments during online lessons, Elmore Pedal promotes efficiency, focus, and muscle memory

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