TrueFire and Elmore Pedals - Your Pot of Gold Awaits

TrueFire and Elmore Pedals - Your Pot of Gold Awaits

St. Petersburg, Florida - March 17th, 2023 

TrueFire Studios, the world's most comprehensive guitar learning platform, has partnered with Elmore Pedal Company to provide an even more efficient way for musicians to improve their guitar skills. The partnership brings together TrueFire's state-of-the-art guitar learning tools and Elmore's innovative foot pedal technology to create a seamless and hands-free learning experience for guitar players of all levels.

With over 2 million guitar players worldwide learning, practicing, and playing with TrueFire, the platform has become the go-to destination for guitar education. TrueFire's interactive learning tools and vast library of over 50,000 video lessons help guitarists ignite their technical skills, harmonic knowledge, rhythm playing, and soloing. TrueFire's educators are the best in the industry, offering a faculty of over 300 top-notch blues, rock, jazz, country, and acoustic guitar educators.

Elmore Pedal Company's affordable and easy-to-use foot pedal enables guitar learners to keep their hands on their instrument during online lessons, making learning faster and more enjoyable. The pedal allows guitarists to pause, play, rewind, and fast forward through video lessons using only their foot. The pedal is compatible with TrueFire's desktop version, and it integrates seamlessly with TrueFire's style-specific Learning Paths, providing guitarists with a personalized study plan that guides them every step of the way.

"We're excited to partner with Elmore Pedal Company to provide guitarists with an even more efficient and effective way to learn," said Zach Wendkos, Head of Partnerships at TrueFire Studios. "Elmore's pedal technology combined with TrueFire's interactive learning tools will create a seamless, hands-free learning experience that will speed up time to success and increase the joy of learning."

"We're thrilled to partner with TrueFire and provide guitarists with an innovative and even more enjoyable way to learn," said James Levin, Founder of Elmore Pedal Company. "Our pedal technology will allow guitar learners to keep their hands on their instrument and their focus on the lesson, making learning faster and more repeatable."

The TrueFire and Elmore Pedal Company partnership will revolutionize the guitar learning experience, making it even more accessible, efficient, and enjoyable. To learn more about TrueFire and Elmore Pedal Company, visit their websites at and


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