About the Elmore Pedal

We're here to create more musicians in the world.

If we can create just one more musician that might not have otherwise been, we will help bring more joy to the world. 

Learning a musical instrument with an in-person instructor can be costly and frustrating. Instructor-led lessons may be expensive, move too quickly, may lack focus on basic mechanics, and can become too theoretical -- causing aspiring musicians/hobbyists to quit their dream to learn their favorite instrument. 

Don't get us wrong, we love musical instructors and educators.  We need them.  But we also need to be able to practice effectively when we're not with our mentors and coaches.

Online music lessons found online are a popular and ever-growing medium for learners but can also be frustrating because the student is forced to remove his/her hands from the instrument to control the mouse to pause, play, fast forward and rewind a portion of the lesson, constantly.  

The constant necessity to pause & play, rewind, slow down and speed up video play back are musts during an online lesson.

Unfortunately, taking your hands off the instrument reduces muscle memory learning, interferes with your concentration and ultimately, increases the likelihood of quitting.

Solution: The Elmore Pedal. This affordable and easy-to-use foot pedal allows musical instrument learners (beginner, intermediate, advanced and professional), to keep their hands on their instrument 100% of the time during their online lessons, speeding up time to success and increasing joy.

Simply download our free Google Chrome extension, connect your Elmore Pedal via Bluetooth into your iPad, PC or Mac, visit any of our compatible site listed on our homepage and enjoy your frustration-free lessons. 

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