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  • Nick Hames and his Elmore Pedal

    Nick Hames is an American blues guitarist, singer-songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist.

    Nick was born in Boston, Massachusetts on march 6th, 1997. Nick gained popularity on social media platforms instagram and TikTok for his guitar playing. he is currently performing shows around the USA with his blues trio.

  • Develop Your Talent.

  • Elmore Pedal: Rev.Kenn likes it

    "If you are using Youtube to learn guitar licks, I suggest getting the Elmore bluetooth pedal. https://www.elmorepedals.com"

    Rev. Kenn Blanchard

  • E Major Blues Shuffle by Lindy Day

    E major blues is pretty standard, but here's a sweet variation for my rhythm players. Intertwining the bassline with the chord is a dynamic effect that's great for jams. The Elmore Pedal will help keep your hands on the guitar so you can loop a complex line like this and be in control of your speed.
  • Lindy Day Teaches with the Elmore Pedal, Snow (Hey Oh) by the RHCP

    Snow (Hey Oh) by Red Hot Chili Peppers. 3 troubleshooting tips that help my students are included in this lesson. This lick isn't hard as much as it is fast. Getting your confidence up on this lick takes a few different approaches, but try some of these tips. They will help you increase your speed and accuracy.
  • Practice, perfect.

    Never take your hands off your guitar.
  • EASY Happier Olivia Rodrigo Ukulele Fingerpicking and Chords Tutorial for Beginners

  • American Idol Contestant Cory Young discovers the Elmore Pedal!

  • Dexterity Challenge by Lindy Day

  • How to Switch Chords Quickly by Lindy Day

  • Billie Eilish - Happier Than Ever EASY Ukulele Tutorial Chords, Lyrics & Strumming

  • Stairway to Heaven for Ukulele - Lesson by Bernadette